Oct 6-7, 2023
Academy of Music
Kongresni trg 1,

DAY 1 – OCTOBER 5, 2023
10.00-11.30: BIG SEE Debate: Growing up with design (Main stage)
– Klavdija Höfler; Inštitut za razvoj igrač
– Mateja Panter
– Ervin Presiček; Gogix
– Natalija Lapajne; Muzej za arhitekturo in oblikovanje
12.00-13.30: BIG SEE Debate: Where should I buy it? (Main stage)
– Jelena Pirkmajer; Cliché
– Katjuša Kranjc; Raketa
– Karin A. Košak; Galerija KAR=IN
14.00-16.00: Design Forum (Main stage)
– Lotti Gostič; Lotti Gostic studio
– Matevž Popič; Hisense Gorenje Europe
– Andrej Kregar; Kreatif Design
– Katjuša Kranjc; Raketa
– Barbara Prinčič
– Japec Jakopin; J&J Design
– Tadej Juran; Atelje Juran
– Maja Stamenković; MA_ST_AR
– Špela Leskovic & Aleš Košak; AKSL arhitekti
– Petra Zakrajšek; GAO arhitekti
– Jan Šimnovec
– Manica Lavrenčič
– Vid de Gleria; Strip Lab
– Blaž Jamšek, Andrej Zonta, Matej Peneš; BAAM arhitekti
– Gašper Premože

DAY 2 – OCTOBER 6, 2023
9.00-17.00: Winning Projects Presentations & Awarding (Stage 1, Stage 2)
13.00-14.00: CEE Design Maturity Trends 2023 – by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (Main stage)
14.00-16.00: Keynote speakers: The Future is Watching You (Main stage)
– Salih Teskeredžić; Gazzda
– Zoran Jedrejcic; Zoran Jedrejcic Design Studio
– Dr. Francesco Clemente; Prensilia
– Patrizia Moroso, Davide Michelizza; Moroso spa
– Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky; AWS Designteam
– Juri Troy; Juri Troy Architects
– Felix Perasso


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BIG SEE Debate: Growing up with design

Toys are a children’s development essential ingredient, enabling and encouraging various forms of play. Annual spending on toys in Europe is around 25 billion €. Toy design has several special demands: a toy needs to be extremely safe, it is supposed to stimulate creativity, a didactic element is appreciated, and it should allow for many different types of use. Toys’ shapes, colours, materials, and also the different ergonomics for children are an exciting challenge for designers.

Curator and moderator: Kristina Dešman

BIG SEE Debate: Where should I buy it?

Slovenian design is of high quality, it also has a distinguished tradition and enjoys institutional support by the educational policy as well as museum community. And yet … a lot has changed since the late 20th Century when large Slovenian companies employed quite many designers and successfully marketed their wares to domestic and international customers, thus practically creating people’s everyday environment. Today, there are still occasional stories of success or even a break-through, but a majority of Slovenian design is confined to niches and boutique quantities. In our day and age, however, as we are more aware of local activities’ importance, this can actually turn out to be an advantage. Where and how can one find “Slovenian design” now? In which field is it at its best? Fashion, graphic, industrial, applied arts? What attracts potential buyers? Where can we actually buy the finest pieces?

Curator: Taja Legat Lokar
Moderator: Kristina Dešman

Design Forum

At the Design Forum, established design companies, designers, and architects will showcase their visions, strategies, and ideas on how to respond to the challenges brought by the future through design and architecture. (In Slovene language)

CEE Design Maturity Trends 2023 – by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

The Innovation Center of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest asked nearly 300 business leaders in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia about how they apply design methods in their company operations and their overall perception of the role of design in business. We present the key take-aways of the study as well as an exciting service design case study, which can help business leaders to understand their competitors and think about innovative ways of applying design for business growth.

More: mome.hu/en/use-of-design-in-business-research

Presenter: Péter Molnár

Keynote lectures: The Future is watching You

Conference offers a place for interdisciplinary dialogue on the role of design and architecture in the framework of accelerating global changes.
The conference explores the relationship between quality design, innovation, changing demands and response in design & architecture today; and considers how these changing relationships are shaping the practice today and in the future.

The aim of the conference is to rethink old concepts and challenge established ideas, to provoke and inspire, to open up new space for visionary thoughts as a response to challenges of the 21th century.
Among the speakers we expect designers, architects, managers and brand experts therefore the conference is also an opportunity for international networking.

BIG SEE Awards and presentations

BIG SEE Award Winners will present their winning projects during the whole day presentations, when the Winners will also receive their Award Trophies.

… and many more – still updating.