When management gurus talk enthusiastically about disruption, they mean disrupting other people’s business. When they talk about creativity, they think of yet another tool for increasing profits. And when they talk about natives, they mean generations that can’t tell anymore what is real and what is virtual or that digit used to mean a finger. In South-East Europe life is good. It is sometimes really hard, too. There are more nations and languages and religions than in any similarly sized region. People here don’t have much in common. Everything happens too fast. These complexities are as frustrating now as they were life threatening throughout history. With countless rulers and artists and philosophers being born across the region, being creative often meant just managing to stay alive. So when people here talk about disruption, it’s something that happens every day. Outstanding creativity is as normal as the air we breathe, and being native means actually knowing where you belong: to millennia of mind blowing milestones.

South-East Europe, Timeless and Boundless