About us

BIG SEE comes from South-East Europe and aims to become the global springboard for a responsible, Bio Intelligent Generation.

BIG started in early 2000s as a Slovene national promotor of quality architecture and design, hosting 2 national award & trade shows & conferrences and publishing the award winning magazine Hiše (“Houses”, until 2023).
Because a larger reference frame enlarges competence and range, in mid 2010s we expanded our activities to the region of South-East Europe – SEE –, hosting 2 regional award & trade shows & conferrences and publishing a magazine “see” (from May 2024).

Because climate change is not only the challenge of the century, but also an exceptional opportunity for creative industries the world over, we are aiming to expand our activities further as advancing climate change affords no safe zones.

BIG SEE will work to empower and encourage global creative industries and minds to take up the mission only they can accomplish: to trigger and push through urgent changes in the ways people live and work and above all consume.
Designers and architects need to deliver sustainable products and projects that are better and more affordable and that look great, too.


Zmago Novak,

Živa Novak,
Executive Project Manager

M: +386 51 666 623
E: ziva@bigsee.eu

Ivan Lantieri,
Chief Editor & Curator

M: +386 64 26 95 27
E: ivan@bigsee.eu

Kristina Dešman,
SEE Magazine Editor

Boštjan Tadel,
SEE Magazine Editor

Viktorija Bogdanova,

Špela Valenčič,
Award Coordinator

M: +386 64 26 64 68
E: spela@bigsee.eu

Tina Čargo,
Award Coordinator

M: +386 64 26 64 71
E: tina@bigsee.eu

Vito Novak,
Award Coordinator

M: +386 51 666 624
E: vito@bigsee.eu

Marko Vranješ,
Award Coordinator

M: +386 64 26 64 70
E: marko@bigsee.eu

Tanja Završki,
Assistant Curator

Gregor Mljač,
Assistant Curator

Kristina Beltram,
BIG SEE Network Coordinator

Ana Bojadjievska,
BIG SEE Coordinator North Macedonia

Jovana Savić,
BIG SEE Coordinator Montenegro

Dunja Krvavac,
BIG SEE Coordinator Bosnia and Herzegovina

Izabela Pepdjonovic,
BIG SEE Coordinator Serbia

Linda Pezzei,
BIG SEE Coordinator Austria

Batuhan Öztürk,
BIG SEE Coordinator Turkey

Danaja Jovandić,
BIG SEE Coordinator Slovenia