Pine Beach Pakoštane – Adriatic Eco Resort by A R I E S_Juračić_Skorup_Arhitekti; Croatia

October 1, 2019|Architecture and design as experience, BigSEE Tourism Design Award 2019 - Winner, Croatia, Tourism|

It was a unique problem to design an oversized restaurant, serving through self-catering 15 hundred guests in all-inclusive summer resort, nested in the dense pine forest of a former Club Med. A challenge of building
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Seoski turizam Kezele – Kezele tourist farm by Janko & Drago Kezele; Croatia

October 1, 2019|BigSEE Tourism Design Award 2019 - Winner, Creative story and identity as experience, Croatia, Tourism|

Meeting place of good people, great food and fine wine. A place where Kezele family safeguarded rural architecture, antiquities and recipes of their ancestors. A place where great food is produced and served at the
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