Remote wildlife observatories, Lonja field

The observatories of Lonjsko polje embody centuries of a cultivated landscape, of anthropogenic and natural symbioses, of a border condition. The verticals of past watchtowers, hunting box-stands, obervatories made up a distinct layer of this territory whose shapes and expressions communicated in their own distinct language. In an effort to expose the radical changes the natural environment of Lonjsko polje goes through over the course of a year, a network of observatories is planned as markers and vistas for viewing birds, free-range livestock, wildlife and waters. They become a ludic element of the landscape, a new species which connotes various species and forms. Their biomorphic shapes are not explicit, yet embody movement, organic form, traditional tools, echoing the locally familiar.


Roth&Čerina; Mia Roth i Tonči Čerina

Larisa Čisić, Luka Fatović, Karla Jelić Balta

Park prirode Lonjsko polje

Year of completion

Lonjsko polje, Croatia

Total area
50 m2

Marko Mihaljević

Project Partners

Clinica studio; Vedran Kasap, Ozana Ursić, Niko Mihaljević, Franka Tretinjak, BB Structuralis, Bindjo, Vios, Pegra, Primat RD

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