Valja is a set of multifunctional 3D-printed hangers which take the form of simple cylinders and can be attached to both vertical and horizontal furniture surfaces of various widths. The remarkably simple and innovative 3D-printed hanger was created in 2020 as an experiment in developing, designing and manufacturing a product in a limited house environment, inspired by the continued development of small and increasingly accessible desktop devices such as CNC machines, lasers and 3D printers. By studying slicing techniques atypical for other manufacturing methods, and the functional possibilities they bring, along with experimenting with infill percentages, the first prototype of Valja were born. Valja reached its final form through the simplification of the prototype and currently comes in three basic sizes. Valja won third place at the Zagreb Design Week in 2020, and ranked among the top fifteen product-design projects at the Exhibit of Croatian Design in 2019/2020. It was part of Rethinking plastic Exhibition on Dutch Design Week 2021.


Studio Maglov; Sandra Maglov

DKO / Studio Maglov

Year of production

Sanja Tušek

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