From Imagination to Animation: Six Decades of Zagreb Film

By emphasizing basic visual elements and their transformation into the main visual and constructional conveyors of the message of the exhibition, a visual language was created that refers to the distinctive identity of Zagreb Film. By adding a third dimension to the flat shapes on the screens, a group of specific elements was formed to communicate abundant and diverse content of the exhibition. Oversized inventory pieces and old TV sets used to screen films take adult visitors back to their childhood, while certain interactive elements lead visitors to experience their favourite animated movies.


Clinica studio; Vedran Kasap, Ozana Ursić, Vladimir Končar

Exhibition Authors
Simon Bogojević Narath, Vesna Meštrić, Snježana Pintarić

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Year of completion

Zagreb, Croatia

Total area
2.000 m2

Nikola Zelmanović

Project Partners

Museum of contemporary art – Zagreb

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