Hotel Materra

The interior design of Hotel Materra was inspired by its geographical position and approximate surroundings. While the architecture was envisioned as sharp and angular, with a facade reminiscent of locally used clay, the interior approach aimed to incorporate these traits, drawing them inward while simultaneously imbuing them with softness and comfort.

A significant emphasis was placed on using natural materials of excellent quality, such as oak floorings and furniture, which adorn every room and common area. The large wellness area with a pool on the first floor has been designed with its own distinct style, staying rather minimalistic while highlighting the wonderful views of the surroundings. The entire color scheme plays with earthy tones, with accents in terracotta, and a considerable amount of natural plants throughout the hotel.


Sirrah projekt

Žito d.o.o.

Year of completion

Osijek, Croatia


Project Partners

Collaborators: Jelena Kapraljević, Josipa Pipunić

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