General data

Area: 33.846 km2
Popuation: 2,640,438
Capital: Chișinău
Currency: Moldovan leu (MDL)
Time zone: UTC+2
Calling code: +373
Biggest Cities: Chișinău, Tiraspol, Bălți, Bender, Rîbnița, Ungheni


GDP per capita (eur, 2019): 2700 
GDP (billion EUR, 2019): 9,64
Inflation (%, 2019): 3
Unemployment (%, 2019): 4
Import (billion EUR, 2019): 4,79
Export (billion EUR, 2019): 2,23

Creative ranking

overall ranking – 17. place
(by Creative Barometer 2020)

by Architecture – 19. place

by Interior design – 4. place

by Product design – 14. place

Moldova occupies the 17th place in the overall ranking of the countries. With regard to the three subdisciplines, it ranks best in the area of interior design (4th place). It ranks 14th in the areas of product design and fashion, and 19th in the eld of architecture. Some supplementary quantitative indicators are not available for Moldova. As regards the mobility of creators, considering the country of origin and the host country, Moldova ranks last in both indicators, occupying the 19th place among the 19 countries.

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