Casa din Luncă (House in the Meadow) is the first tourist agripension in Trebujeni, near a museum complex “Old Orhei” on the banks of the river Raut, surrounded by a natural park. In 2004, a pilot project was started in Moldova to develop tourism in this rural area. The Benzin family got involved when two journalists from Chisinau visited our farm, who wanted to spend Christmas by the fire of a village oven, eating homemade bread and traditional pastry, walnuts and drinking red wine. They were our first guests. It was a fresh start for the entire region and other tourism structures soon followed.










Authors of the story/idea: Ala Benzin
Investors/owners: Ala Benzin
Project start: 2000
Location: Trebujeni, Moldova
Photos: Olesea Cember, Arina Livadari