Oliva Verde, Chisinau

Oliva Verde is a rebranding for the existing chain of restaurants pizzas and pastas with more level-up. The color scheme and materials were selected to support an old historic building: brick, poured concrete floor with marble inserts, a wooden floor in two rooms and uncovered red and white ceramics in the decoration.

The central part of the hall is the heart of the restaurant: here you can see all process of baking pizza on fire and pasta, there are also a bar and a bright veranda.

The arrangement of tables is in a friendly atmosphere with two large tables for 14 people.   The main hall – is more official part of the restaurant with white tablecloths and cozy places for 4 people or more.

Family room – located to the left of the entrance with a separate room for children. There are bathrooms and a game-room in the basement. Also was designed a wide metal ramp to the terrace.


Anna Wigandt

Uniresto Srl

Year of completion

Chisinau, Moldova

Total area
450 m2

Site area
1000 m2

Roman Rybaleov

Project Partners


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