BROThers, Chișinău

BROThers is a clothing store, specialising exclusively in unique series of Scandinavian brands. The interior of this store has been inspired by the style of the Nordic countries, but at the same time it has been reinterpreted from a contemporary site point of view. In this way, we managed to give it a new approach and a new design vision, through the simplicity of shapes and volumetric accents. The author of the project – designer Stanisvlav Balan, offered to the space more individuality. The simple shapes, the geometry used and the neutral colour accents – provide the necessary rhythm and dynamics, and the physical limits, imposed by this space, were used as an advantage, giving even more value to the project. Each element was designed exclusively and adapted to all the needs and functionalities of the given space. As a store offering a wide variety of products for sale, BROThers is in constant need of change, systematic rearrangement, more dynamics in use and comfort for visitors. All these elements were taken into account during the execution of the project.


Stanislav Balan, Boțaniuc Sergiu


Year of completion

Chișinău, Republic of Moldova

Total area
270 m2

Oleg Bajura

Project Partners

DMC Construction

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