„KOKI” TAPE DISPENSER by Gramatschii Design Studio

A product that perfectly combines two contrasting crafts: metalworking and woodworking. The untreated metal is allowed to naturally oxidize so that it can obtain its valued timelessness. Chestnut and ash spools are lathed by craftsmen, then treated with an unique combination of hard wax and natural oils. KOKI is a functional and decorative tape dispenser stylised as a snail, you can feel the simplicity of its form through the clean line that shapes the product’s silhouette. A minimum of parts and limited colors are formed thanks to the qualities of the chosen metals, stainless steel or brass, in contrast with natural wood. Well-sharpened teeth on the dispenser allow you to cut any length of tape with ease. The brass version will age beautifully with time, as the metal obtains a dark and rich pattern thanks to oxidation. Remarkable, KOKI adds style and elegance to any workspace in the office or at home. Almost everlasting, with a 75 year warranty.




About the Gramatschii Design Studio:

We are a creative studio based in Kishinev, Moldova. We strongly believe in minimalist design and its timelessness. One of the things that inspired us to create are objects that have a story.

Our work rose from the need to create unique products, after pondering upon the value of things you find in a museum or even in your grandmother’s attic. Objects of sentimental and symbolic value, that can pass the test of time. We aim to leave something palpable behind.

Every project we approach with passion and dedication, applying our best skills to every stage of the design process. This approach is allowing us to deliver functional, timeless and effective design solutions.

Through our studio activity, we focus on creating enduring products that evoke a sense of continuity. Let the product speak for you!


Gramatschii Andrei



Designer: Gramatschii Design Studio
Producer: Gramatschii Andrei, Gramatschii Design Studio
Country: Republic Of Moldova
Year of production: 2019

Text provided by the authors of the project.