FLUTURA DEDINJA TIMELESS BACKPACK by Flutura Dedinja FashionStudio; Republic of Kosovo

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Flutura Dedinja Timeless Backpack is a ladies’ backpack designed with a unique style that combines the timeless classic and the avant-garde modern. Is named Flutura Dedinja Timeless Backpack, because it is created to accompany you throughout your lif

Xeni Imperial by Lion Morina, Dekoriti; Republic of Kosovo

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        The restaurant is located in suburbs of the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina: it is near by the frequented streets of the busy city which makes it even more popular and a loving, relaxing place for its customers. Moreover

Dit’ e nat’; Kosovo | BIG SEE Tourism Awards 2018

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Dit’ e nat’ (“day and night”) is the first Prishtina/Kosovo based bookstore – café founded in 2009. It is a cultural platform in love with music, literature and film. It started as a small publicly shared room filled with books, where you get the cof