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Maden Group

In 2009, the inception of Maden Group marked a significant turning point in Kosovo's architectural landscape. Our mission was clear: to establish a studio that would stand out as a paragon of comfort, exude friendly vibes, and be a breeding ground for boundless creativity. As architects and designers, we were committed to crafting spaces that transcended the mundane and possessed an unmistakable identity. From day one, we set out to be more than just architects; we aimed to be innovators, adaptors, and visionaries. We recognized the ever-evolving nature of technology and materials, and we welcomed these changes with open arms. Our designs have always been dynamic, embracing new elements, pushing boundaries, and weaving different dimensions and colors into our creations. Yet, amidst this constant evolution, we steadfastly held onto our core identity, never losing sight of the essence that made Maden Group unique.


Ideal Vejsa is the esteemed Leader and co-founder of Maden Group, an architectural studio based in Pristina, Kosovo. Since its establishment in 2009, Maden Group has consistently contributed to the advancement of architecture and interior design, not only in Kosovo but also on a broader international scale. In recognition of their innovative practices, Maden Group received the prestigious "Enterprise with the newest and most innovative practices of the year" award from the Association of Architects Kosovo in 2011. This accolade exemplifies their commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural design. Maden Group's influence extends beyond awards; their work has gained widespread international recognition, with numerous publications featuring their projects. Through active participation in various organizations and nurturing the development of new generations of architects, the studio continues to make a significant impact on the architecture profession.

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The architecture of the building is characterized by a brutalist style, using materials that are characterized in the country such as concrete and clay blocks. Materials such as concrete
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