THE HILL house, Ulcinj

From the beginning for our studio it was important to design a villa that had to be contextualized so that the house would be stretched out and placed inside the location. By integrating the home with the terrain and handling the details to enhance environmental appreciation, this carefully positioned and developed design gains an outdoor treatment in a challenging location.
The project was influenced by the countless coastal villas that can be found on the Ulcinj coastline. “The Hill House” was simplified to pure geometric shapes and then manipulated and modernized to take advantage of the sea views.
The home is designed to provide “a variety of different experiences that allow owners to fully maximize the use of the exterior as well as the interior.
The Hill House defines an urban front and height in order to benefit from sea view. The white, clean and typical Mediterranean windows contribute to a relaxed and bold aesthetic similar to the context structures. The selection of materials, which also includes native stone, provides the home with a special character that will stand the time.


Maden Group


Year of completion

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Total area
320 m2

Site area
530 m2

Ulcinj, Montenegro

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