Bowl tray

The Bowl Tray, a product signed by HIRON Woodcraft, is made of two types of wood: steamed beech and walnut. Taking into account both the appearance and the functionality of the product, we tried to come up with a solution that will fully meet the criteria related to quality and design. We are committed to innovations in the field of making utility items by combining a dozen types of wood. What we pay special attention to is the quality of the raw materials we process. We also pay special attention to the coatings and adhesives we use in production, since products such as Bowl Tray come into direct contact with food. As, in addition to a good idea, a good knowledge of materials is necessary, we are constantly studying both wood and other materials that can be combined with wood.


Hiron Woodcraft, Montenegro

Hiron Woodcraft, Montenegro

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Marija Vemić

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