Ulcinj City Stadium

The Flying Line is an architectural solution that integrates the plots naturally to lead to the determining location of Long Beach.The shading structure of the stadium, as a central design element, was inspired by the frequent paragliding activities present in Long Beach. The lightness of this activity is the fuel to the design of the shading structure of the stadium which also is distributed within the site to provide shade as well as a connection throughout the plots. It aims to create a connection between the beach and the given plots by bringing new life to the location through the introduction of new sports and recreational activities on the site that connects to the new stadium building of Ulcinj. An intervention as such is created to bring new energy and positivity to the site and enhance the liveliness that the area is especially known for during the summer season. The design of the stadium, although initially as a primary objective, blends within the sports complex that honors the potential of Ulcinj to grow and develop further as a city for sports tourism due to its all-year-round warm climate and sandy beaches. The addition of a new football stadium that accommodates football matches for national and international teams, as well as spaces to serve visiting football teams and the invitation to a new movement within the site stands at the basis of the concept of the Flying Line.


Maden Group

Professional Consultant
Arber Shita

Structural Consultant
Zijadin Guri

Local Consultant:
Arbra Avdiu

Year of completion

Ulcinj, Montenegro

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