The Hotel Gracanica located opposite of Ulpiana (one of the biggest archeological sites in Kosovo) is the architectural result of a multi-ethnic project of a visionary Swiss, who met for the realization on a Swiss architect with Kosovar roots. The hotel is an unreal world with Albanian and Serbian employees lead by a co-manager from the Roma community.

The building with 15 rooms is organised in two wings and  have a spartial concept connected to a “Parcour”, which associates with the characteristics of a village with homelike atmosphere, by using simple lines and authentic handcraft. The enjoyable, warming and unique journey from the hotel enterance into the rooms creates feelings which transcend in the overall experience of every guest.

All internal and external areas build have a unity in the materialization that gives an impression as if the internal spaces blend outside with nature, and in the outdoor areas they feel protected as being within the facility.

The hotel is the most eco-friendly hotel in Kosovo, with its own sewage treatment plant. By drilling the earth probe, unique mineral water source was discovered, which today serves for health the guests and the neighbourhood.

In collaboration with Kosovar craftsmen and their techniques, we have achieved modern architecture while relying on some old-traditional materials and have utilized them in a new modern form. The architecture includes work with wood, stone, and textiles. The creative courage reaches the peak by covering all floors such as interior and exterior with the same bright terrazzo including the Swimming pool.


Authors: bnarchitects; Bujar Nrecaj, Enis Spanca
Client: Wormser & Partner
Photos: Atdhe Mulla
Year of completion: 2012
Location: Graçanica, Pristina, Kosovo
Total area: 1800 m2