Bojana Čibej: Igre plemstva na gradu Rihemberk

Svitar zavod za oblikovanje prostora, zgodovino in umetnost, Slovenia

The Svitar Institute for Spatial Design, History and Art is a private institution in the public interest in the field of culture. The institute’s mission is to develop an innovative, sustainable and attractive live interpretation of the heritage. Through its programmes it promotes the excellence of cultural heritage, revives castle and archaeological sites, and creates quality tourist products for the market.

Svitar builds surprising stories using the historical data and many inclusive interpretive methods and tools from the field of art, science, crafts, sports, psychology… It pursues the goal of awakening personal meanings in visitors by concluding an unforgettable experiential bond between the interpreter, the heritage and the visitor.

Under the leadership of Bojana Čibej, a landscape architect, singer and heritage interpreter, since 2008 Svitar has designed and performed several thousand live interpretation performances of regular and custom made programmes for numerous castles, museums, public and private clients.

The institute’s biggest current project is the revival of Rihemberk Castle. Since 2019, when the institution got the task from the Municipality of Nova Gorica, to open the castle for the public, Svitar has been combining the fascinating medieval architecture and the colourful interpretation into a successful heritage story under the brand ‘Igre plemstva’ – Noble games.

Svitar highlights the local identity, involves local experts and young people, creates a connection between many activities of the creative cultural sector and the economy and cooperates with the Municipality of Nova Gorica, the Public Institute for Tourism Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley and the Branik Regional Community.