BIG Design Ljubljana is a dynamic design festival showcasing events, exhibitions, lectures, debates, and awards that highlight the best in design excellence. Its mission is to elevate the role of design in society and to spotlight its creative potential.


October 10-12, 2024


Design zone in the City Centre of Ljubljana
Locations: City Hall, Mestni trg, Stritarjeva ulica, Ciril-Metodov trg, Tromostovje, Prešernov trg

The design experience extends from exhibition pavilions on the main streets and squares to displays in shops, galleries, museums, studios, restaurants, and cafes.

Interest for Exhibiting

Trade show is curated event aimed at showcasing design innovations. If you need more information about exhibiting possibilities, contact Živa Novak ziva@bigsee.eu, mobile: +386 51 666 623.


  • 20.000+ Visitors
  • 100+ Exhibitors
  • 200+ Presentations


Designers and architects, merchants, entrepreneurs, and brand experts, media representatives, representatives of educational and other institutions and industries, creative industry students, and wider audiences who appreciate good design.

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Event Highlights

  • Design Exhibition: Innovations in product and fashion design.
  • Design Conference & Forum: Highlighting emerging trends in design.
  • Debates Initiating Change: By Editors & Curators and Deans from SEE countries, and other design industry experts.
  • Presentations  Awarding & Perspectives: Presenting winning projects and visions.
  • Award Ceremonies – BIG SEE Grand Prix Awards and Slovenian Design Awards: Celebrating the finest projects in product and fashion design.
  • Culinary Performance: Culinary masterpieces created in collaboration with chefs and design brands.

Design Exhibition

BIG Design Exhibition in the heart of Ljubljana, serving as a creative pool for exchanging new design narratives with an audience hungry for good design, innovations, and experiences.

Exhibitor Benefits

  • Market testing
  • Launching design innovations
  • Networking with the business and creative elite
  • Increasing brand visibility in the media


Culinary Performance

BIG Design Culinary Performance enhances interaction between visitors and exhibitors. Design brands and chefs collaborate to create one-bite culinary masterpieces, uniquely highlighting the main attributes of the design brands. Participation in this segment is mandatory for all exhibitors, who are required to provide 250 bites for the first day of the performance and 250 bites for the second day.

Exhibition Equipment

Floor Plan


Živa Novak, ziva@bigsee.eu, +386 51 666 623