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Beexlab srl, Italy

Emanuele Pangrazi is an Italian awarded designer and creative director who works for companies globally. He graduated in industrial design with a master’s degree in digital art, and recently in Design Thinking at MIT of Boston. He would be better defined as a designer in constant evolution, a touch of a philosopher, and a hint irreverent. Thanks to the studies and experience gained over the years, he has enjoyed great success in the design of hi-tech, furnishings, ceramics products, UX and systems design. His solutions are always the outcome of a focused formal experimentation and a reflection on humanistic themes thanks to which contents and values are transformed in symbols and forms. The passion for his work is manifested in a careful and continuous research, in the observation of reality and memory. This contributes to the birth of objects with a material and deeply conceptual awareness. Following this vision, he founds his studio, Emanuele Pangrazi Design Studio, a place in which observations, memories, values, circulate freely in a flow of ideas and solutions.