FWSK + MFA with Project Responsible Future: Crafting Youth empowerment and Project Responsible Fashion Series Skopje

October 10, 2022|BIG SEE Fashion Design Collaboration Award 2022, Fashion, North Macedonia|

Fashion Collaboration Award 2022 goes to Fashion Weekend Skopje (FWSK) and Macedonian Fashion Association (MFA) for inviting, hosting, organizing and leading a series of important international collaborative projects that aim to inspire and encourage
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Marko Feher Potkozarac / MARKO FEHER / NEMA PROBLEMA

September 25, 2022|BIG SEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Grand Prix, BIG SEE Fashion Design Award 2022 – Winner, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fashion, The IT factor of a country|

Inspiration: The collection "ZOI" aka "NEMA PROBLEMA" was inspired by the Sarajevo Olympics, more precisely by the spirit and euphoria of that period, which still evokes a feeling of positive nostalgia in all the
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Constanzia Yurashko / Constanzia Yurashko / Passage through time

October 26, 2021|BIG SEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Republic of Moldova, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: Passage Through Time’ is an artistic journey of time traveling, from 16th – mid 17th century men’s clothes cut and construction, to the archetypal Julia Cameron’s Victorian figures, Hammershoi’s solitary atmosphere of peculiarly
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Danit Peleg / Danit Peleg 3d / Danit Peleg Nft Collection / “Liberty Leading The People”

October 20, 2021|BIG SEE Fashion Design Award 2021 – Winner, Fashion, Israel, Step forward|

Inspiration: Danit finds inspiration for her collection in Eugène Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People. Structure is inspired by mixing traditional textile characteristics with newer technology to create this lace-like texture. Danit Peleg NFTs
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