Alpaca Men

The collection is inspired by the look of the north ancient hunter, who goes out to catch prey and feed his family dressed in a heavy, long-haired fur coat, this character exists in harmony with nature throughout his whole being. Does such a primitive man have connections with the modern one? Fashion seeks to erase gender differences, and deny the seasonality and sexuality of the clothing range by emphasizing only the importance of personal identity, the expression of which is created by image solutions. So what does the modern man look like when he sets out to hunt in the concrete jungle, whose roots go back to that primordial wild hunter? Materials and techniques: To convey the idea of the collection, modern suri alpaca material waschosen, which is reminiscent of fur not only because of its fluffy surface, but also because of its exceptional thermal properties, it is even four times warmer than traditional wool.


fashion house leKeckas

Designer and / or studio
Kestutis Lekeckas

Year of production

Country of brand origin

Migle Golubickaite

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