Prishtina Business Center

A storage facility is not usually treated in a human scale as a result of its function. Wanting to change the way they are perceived we tried humanizing them without risking their functionality through our way of thinking and design. This is a project in which architecture combines and reformulates the industrial language itself to generate new spaces for work and other related activities. These spaces are designed to enable a variety of functions, thus came the need to create a worker-friendly space and an easy one to access for every user. This flexible way of design simplifies the process of adapting the user’s space to the user’s needs. With the intention of making the most out of the location, the buildings lie in harmony with their surroundings, creating a strategic point inside of Prishtina’s industrial zone therefore initiating a somewhat diverse environment regarding its use. The complex consists of five office buildings, four storage facilities, an industrial facility/warehouse, and also flexible spaces for rent for different uses such as: an office, warehouse, showroom, shopping center, restaurant, cafe bar, conference center, etc. The facade is designed in that way so it can fulfill the building’s needs and functions regarding its insulation where the openings optimize the usage of light throughout working hours for the office workers while protecting the items stored from overexposure. Thinking about sustainable designs, the buildings provide themselves through sustainable systems and functions. These buildings were thought and designed to set new standards for an often-overlooked building type.


LSN+Partners; Lulzim Nuza, Florian Shala, Sado Kolic

Dumnica Group

Year of completion

Pristina, Kosovo

Total area
12.000 m2

Site area
12.500 m2

Leonit Ibrahimi

Project Partners

FST Engineering, Termovent, Trim Ternava, Azem Kukalaj

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