Neuroenergy is a collection of both digital and physical fashion inspired by disabled fashion, kinetic exercises, and neon-generated focus movements. This is part of a collaboration with Special Olympics and Parsons School of Design, where they started with research, interviews, and testing with possible solutions for athletes from the power-lifting team of Special Olympics. Based on the research designs and feedback, the collection has generated two focuses. First, a transformable and adaptive design, and second, a human-centered design system with options for the athletes to choose from. The physical collection has served the idea of neon generative energy as patterns to represent the concept, which a lot of people have a misconception of how exercise is focusing on the muscles. Instead, the key to having effective exercise performance also depends on the mind, which is the functions and thoughts from neurons of a person. I hope that this concept can turn into part of the design to remind the athletes about the idea of the mind in different situations, no matter in daily life, before training, or after training.

Materials and techniques:
The fabrics of the physical designs are mostly sourced from Fabscrap, which collects unused and recycled fabric all over the place and resell it from donations. The goal is that by using their fabric we will be able to achieve sustainability in design as well. The fabrics are made from cotton, nylon, stretch fabrics, and more.


Collection or creation

Designer and / or studio
Audrey Chou.Studio

Year of production

Effy Feng

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