SABRINA STADLOBER in collaboration with INNOCAD architecture and 13&9 Design

October 4, 2019|Austria, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 - Winner, BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2019 – Grand Prix, Fashion, Wearable art / Timeless|

Inspiration: The exhibition is the epitome of a transdisciplinary approach, reinterpreting projects spanning from architecture to interior and product design into a fashion and sound / video installation. Based on three existing projects of
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Loreta Gudelj (clothes), Mihaela Markovic (knitted bags), Priyanka Desai (jewellery), Naša Posla (shoes) / Arte Studio│BIG SEE Awards 2018

October 3, 2018|BigSEE Fashion Design Award 2018, Croatia, Wearable art / Timeless|

  Inspiration: Arte is a capsule art collection project created on the basis of a collaboration among various international designers sharing the same idea of paying homage to modern and contemporary artworks. This collection was
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