In 2021, we created a large installation at Ljubljana Castle entitled Life and Narration. The project came to life as part of our concept of a SENSORY MOMENT IN SPACE. We projected a film about life onto 100 meters of gauze. It was a huge projection of a very inspirational audiovisual storytelling with a special for this event composed composition played with piano. The film was looped and in this way allowed the viewer and the listener to experience the layers of the message. The vision of the project was to experience a ‘stop and think’ moment; a vision of raising awareness and strengthening values. Large photographs printed on painting canvases were also part of the installation. The skirt was created from a photo print on canvas, which was part of an art installation. By creating a skirt from the print, we created a new life, a new usability, a new breath for the exhibition element.


Things I Miss

Designer and / or studio
Tina Princ, Things I Miss

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Gregor Bajt

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