Multipurpose Lamella – Extension of the Faculty of Electronics in Niš

April 19, 2024|Architecture, BIG SEE Architecture Award 2024 – Winner, Educational buildings, Serbia|

The Multipurpose Lamella represents an extension of the existing Electronic Faculty building in Niš, forming a cohesive functional unit. The concept is shaped by integrating various influential factors, with an emphasis on the new architecture
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Skew house

November 17, 2023|Architecture, Serbia|

Skew House is a residential building in Pančevo positioned as a freestanding object. It consists of 24 apartments. The ground floor is a parking space, while the upper floors offer views of the city.
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November 17, 2023|Serbia|

Residential business building 3.500m2 Central is a residential building with commercial space in Pančevo, questioning the continuity and closure of the city block, the flatness of the façade plane, and the façade as an
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