We are pleased to present to you the transformation of apartment N18 in Belgrade. This apartment is the home of our dear clients – a couple with three children and occasionally a grandmother. The apartment is intended for their occasional stays in Belgrade, and our task was to organize the space so that everyone gets their own intimate corner, while at the same time preserving the spaciousness of the common living area.

The apartment, which dates back to the seventies, retained its original charm before the renovation, even if it was occasionally refreshed. The idea was to preserve certain elements of that era, which further emphasized the atmosphere of that time. However, it was necessary to carry out fundamental changes in order to adapt the apartment to a modern lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges was to organize the three rooms so that the space of the living area was kept spacious. The creative solution was to bevel the wall between the children’s room and the bedroom, thus creating a fluid transition between these two rooms.


Unknown studio


Year of completion

Belgrade, Serbia

Total area
100 m2

Dušan Petković

Project Partners

Merano, SB inžinjering, Medini, Nitea, Prostoria, Altego, Safesystem, Atlas, Delta term, Gir

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