UBA Bank, Tirana

The United Bank of Albania aims to be a bank in the Albanian market that creates transparency, provide stability and create the feeling of unity between the bank and its clients, which are inherently connected to each other. To express the durability and guaranty of the bank, deep interlocking concrete beams are used that show the safety and seriousness of the bank. Inspired by the geometric motifs of the Islamic faith that has had an impact on Albanian culture, several decorative panels made of have been created. Neutral gray chairs are combined with the color of decorative panels, concrete beams, as well as structural glass of the bank, which stand harmoniously in the totality of elements and materials. Using the beam elements that connect between them and the perimeter walls, the feeling of a connection and union of the bank with the citizens is given.
To maintain the maximum height in the environment, the suspended ceilings have been removed. Since in different buildings we have beams of different heights, we integrate the given solution as part of the decor, creating a scenography that can be adapted to any environment.


Tharm Architects; Aleks Shtjefni, Julia Hallvaxhiu

UBA Bank

Year of completion

Tirana, Albania

Leonit Ibrahimi

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