Vlora Waterfront Promenade, Albania

This design proposal consists in a first phase of the logical extension of the existing boardwalk and broadening of the typical vegetation of Vlora.

Extending the trees of Soda Woods over the full 5 km long coastline not only creates a harmonious whole, but also a unique and specific identity for the coastal town, typical of Albania’s Mediterranean landscape. The ‘Aleppo Pine’, a pine native to the Mediterranean region, has a thin stem and a broad but flattened crown, thereby preserving the view onto the sea at all times and offering shade for all kinds of activities underneath the trees (sunbathing, sports, parking…).

In a later stage, certain areas can be tackled in a more focused way, for example through the creation of new white beach areas, sports grounds, swimming areas and water parks, a pier and a marina, new hotels, a floating island, … This design proposal is open to interpretation and extremely flexible in sequencing and implementation: an instrument of urban intervention in the urban coastal area of Albania, in order to serve as a model.


Xaveer De Geyter Architects; Xaveer De Geyter, Pierre Burquel, Mathilde Dutilleul, Wouter Van Daele, Rui Zenha
Local Architects: Symbiotica, MetroPOLIS Studio

Year of completion

Vlora, Albania

Total area
334.500 m2

Matthias van Rossen, Pieter Coelis

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