The human psyche is capable of many things in every sense, it can even affect the way our body works. I also have such experiences from which I was able to draw in design: this is the theme of the collection, Nystagmus, which is a horizontal and vertical vibrating visual disturbance. The photogram compositions of upcycled plastic parts that I used create a mysterious feel to show the disturbed vision of nystagmus. The abstract shapes and patterns of the images give the collection its color scheme, material patterns, and shapes, as well as the freedom to view it from multiple perspectives. The collection was created to draw attention to the anxieties that emerge from repressions in our society, which often go untreated and ruin long years of people’s lives. This message does not only concern anxious people, but anyone that might lose themselves in the spinning wheel of modern life. As such, the garments are calling for action to look after ourselves and take care of our wellbeing.

Materials and techniques:
The collection consists of 12 outfit designs with detailed technical drawings of the garments, as well as 5 complete outfits with accessories that I modeled and sewed. It heavily features upcycled plastic waste produced in 3D printers. Due to the misuse and malfunctioning of these machines, many inspiring shapes are created in the form of melted plastic filaments and plates that I gathered from friends and hobby groups for the collection. Beyond accessories and garment
decoration, I used this batch of plastic refuse to develop photogram compositions in the pattern design of all pieces to capture the abstract psycho-visual sensation of Nystagmus. The patterns were printed on high-quality satin, cotton, and other water-repellent materials through the use of screen printing and sublimation printing techniques.


Collection or creation


Designer and / or studio
Dóra Surányi

Year of production

Country of brand origin

Csaba Kornél Vágo

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