Amfion LTD

April 24, 2020|Bulgaria, Studios-Architects|

Amfion Ltd. is an architectural workshop that is involved in the design of new buildings with different purposes, reconstruction of existing buildings, research activity, forecasting, spatial planning, consultancy services and author's supervision. Architectural
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Conservation, Restoration and Adaptation of Church “St. Paraskeva“ Nessebar by Todor Mihaylov, Elitsa Andreeva, Emilia Kaleva & Aleksandra Vadinska; Bulgaria

October 1, 2019|Architecture and design as experience, BigSEE Tourism Design Award 2019 - Winner, Bulgaria, Tourism|

The interventions in the monument follow the contemporary principles of conservation theory and practice for revealing the original substance and for respecting the different phases of its history. Contemporary means and techniques are used to
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