Actor’s Mask


The collection is based on (de)construction and loss of individual identity due to personal complexes. Psychologist Carl Jung defines the complex as unconscious contents responsible for a disorder of consciousness. Jung proposed that each complex has an archetypal core and that archetypes are simply instinctual patterns of behavior. While performing activities that fit us into the society we erase our own self, creating an illusion (or perhaps, delusion) of a new identity. That way, our unique self is erased in the same way that the face is erased and replaced by a mask in this collection. Complexes destroy the body from the inside, which manifests itself on the outside, creating a body that is in the act of becoming. It is never finished, never completed. Such grotesque body outgrows itself to create a new body, an abstract one, that incorporates only the elements that have become caricatures of themselves.

Materials and techniques:

As well as the construction of garments, textile prints also portrait a loss of identity. Portraits of Paul Klee and Dora Maar were digitally distorted and printed on fabric to tell a story about the blurry boundaries between reality and illusion. The print itself is made of ecologically friendly water based dyes and biodegradable ink. Velvet garments were upholstered by hand and oversized pants and jacket were made out of vegan fur.



Designer and / or studio
Ana Majdandžić

Year of production

Kristina Vrdoljak

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