The enchanting LALULI collection is a captivating exploration of the human psyche’s hidden realms. Like a reawakened volcano, it delves into dormant memories, erupting into a vivid mosaic of emotions. Through vibrant, original patterns and texture experiments, this collection vividly embodies the tumultuous journey within. LALULI’s essence lies in sustainability, with zero-waste design at its core. Each piece is a testament to mindful creation. Embracing a harmonious coexistence with nature, the collection integrates mesmerizing eco-friendly prints that further echo its environmental commitment. Beyond a mere assemblage, LALULI is an odyssey of self-discovery, artistry, and a profound pledge to nurture our planet gently.

Materials and techniques:
The fabric used in the collection is 100% cotton. All the fabrics are acquired from sustainable suppliers and by fair trade. The prints are made with eco-friendly digital print techniques. Both the fabrics and dyes are eco-certified. Original patterns are designed by Nika Ravnik. All the collection is created by the zero-waste method.


Collection or creation

Nika Ravnik

Designer and / or studio
Nika Ravnik

Year of production

Country of brand origin

Cherie Plausteiner

Project partners

shoes: United Nude, shop: Lili Jolie, model: Taja Knific

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