NAŠA shirt came from all the elements that I use in my design and creation, that make up my long-standing author’s expression. It represents something new and different, yet wearable and extremely functional. In the process of creation, I test the limits of the conventional rules that apply to this piece of clothing, I play with it, blend it with other elements, and combine classic, natural with hi-tech fabrics, adding a third dimension, thereby opening the possibility of its transformation from a classic fashion item to an art object. As an article of clothing, I treat the shirt as a sculpture, with a lot of sculptural forms and details, and as in any work of art, I see that the detail supports the whole and where the whole supports the detail. I make NAŠA shirts in small batches. As such, the shirt sublimates my previous fashion opus, artistic pursuits, and craft research and represents my entire skill, gift, and imagination in that in that clothing form.


Nataša Šarić

Designer and / or studio
Nataša Šarić

Year of production

Country of brand origin

Djordje Tomić

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