SS22 – Love butterflies

A unique representation of the emotions an ironer feels when looking at dresses. Simplicity and elegance of models that remind us and fill us with the attraction of the emotion of love. Feminine, strong, sensitive and aware. For women who are proud, young at heart and prioritize sustainable fashion choices that are part of the Puzzle street glam puzzle.

Inspiration: “I see the collection primarily as a connection with nature, from which we can learn a lot and connect parallels. The first is, say, photosynthesis with leaves, the second is butterflies, which are first caterpillars, then they are tropical plants that grow in extreme circumstances. Above all, I would connect the life force with the force of nature and that when we start to realize this, then we come to a point where changes can happen. I connect everything with the phrase “Synthesis of life”, the first in connection with photosynthesis, and the second when you put all the pieces together, you come to the conclusion that life is actually like this.”


Princip and AkinoraCelin

Mojca Celin

Year of production

Country of brand origin

Katja Kremenić, Aleš Jenko

Project partners

Creative director: Petja Selan

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