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I always do my best to create sentimental memories that leave traces all the way back from my childhood. “Goblen” defines a culture spread throughout the Balkans.  An art piece made from primitive mechanical paintings embroidered with numbers and colors. In my house and in every other family in the city where I grew up, “Goblen” was the most beautiful decoration of any room and the craftsmanship and talent that defined the traditions of each family, therefore my collection is a new frame created to either wear and shine or use it as a painting frame which belongs on the walls and remain there throughout history.

Materials and techniques:
Collection is created in simple shapes and cuts, preserving as much as possible from the original details of goblen. By combining it with the materials and colors of the time when “Goblen” was current, also inspired by the curtain materials of that time by combining satin, tulle, net, velvet, etc.


Collection or creation


Designer and / or studio
Etnik Shala / ESH

Year of production

Designer’s country of origin

Country of brand origin

Edvina Meta

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