Porto Milena

Located in the picturesque seaside town of Ulcinj, Porto Milena offers a superior version of coastal living just steps away from the Adriatic Sea. With its modern design and convenient location, Porto Milena offers tourists and residents a comfortable and luxurious resort. Located along the Port Milena canal, our building aims, among other things, to revitalize this space with previously untapped potential in Ulcinj. Its contemporary architecture and facade treatment enable the building to stand out from the existing urban context, creating a point of reference for the area and the entire city, a goal that the building has already achieved within a year of its operation. Inside, residents enjoy ample spaces within the apartments, designed to maximize comfort and functionality. Commercial, business and hotel functions are also mixed within the building, transforming Porto Milena into an important asset along Long Beach, and a stopping point for many tourists. With all its values, this building is the perfect blend of coastal charm and urban convenience in the heart of Ulcinj.


LSN+Partners; Lulzim Nuza, Florian Shala, Sado Kolic

Fimar Holding

Year of completion

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Total area
11.000 m2

Site area
3.350 m2

Florian Shala

Project Partners

FST Engineering, Termovent, Ferit Fazliu, Trim Ternava

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