North Coffee Table

North Coffee Table is a unique small-sized table that is designed to bring charm and authenticity to the conversation area in contemporary living rooms. Build out of Romanian oak wood, handpicked from sustainable sources, North Coffee Table draws inspiration from the world of visual arts and architecture. It is a minimalist piece of furniture with round corners and asymmetrical legs, displaying an elegant 3.6 cm thick table top, which is supported by sturdy legs that ensure great stability. The contrast between the sleek table top and the heavy legs, emphasized by a beautiful Ebony brushed finish, makes it perfect for complementing chubby sofas and armchairs with organic design. North Coffee Table is not only a remarkable design, but also a practical piece of furniture, providing generous space for coffee trays, magazines and decorations.

Product dimensions:
Length: 120 cm
Width: 60 cm
Height: 40 cm
Table top thickess: 3.6 cm


Voicu-Ștefan Crețu, Romania

Nord Arin, Romania

Year of production

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