FWSK + MFA with Project Responsible Future: Crafting Youth empowerment and Project Responsible Fashion Series Skopje

Fashion Collaboration Award 2022 goes to Fashion Weekend Skopje (FWSK) and Macedonian Fashion Association (MFA) for inviting, hosting, organizing and leading a series of important international collaborative projects that aim to inspire and encourage young designers from the Balkans and SEE region and connect them to fashion and design communities on a global scale. The first project, RESPONSIBLE FUTURE: CRAFTING YOUTH EMPOWERMENT, explores the design of cross-cultural narratives: a collaborative project between Istituto Marangoni London & Partenija Zografski School Skopje & FWSK & MFA. The second project entitled RESPONSIBLE FASHION SERIES SKOPJE is a digital project based on fashion webinars and podcasts emanating from the Fashion Colloquia collection of events founded by the following four institutions: London College of Fashion, Parsons school of Fashion and Design in New York, IFM, Paris and Domus from Milan, with professor Ian King as the idea leader of the project. The Responsible Fashion Series Skopje is hosted and organized by Fashion Weekend Skopje and Macedonian Fashion Association, the two main driving forces behind the Skopje project. This award also goes to all institutions and individuals that promoted the projects by means of their vision and by giving fashion designers of the Balkans and SEE region some fresh guidelines leading to ever stronger creative future.

Responsible future: crafting youth empowerment

From December 2020 Fashion Weekend Skopje & Macedonian Fashion Association (MFA) had the opportunity to organize the Project “RESPONSIBLE FUTURE: CRAFTING YOUTH EMPOWERMENT” Researching and mentoring project designed for students with hearing disabilities from the state school center ”Partenija Zografski” Skopje in the field of inclusion, crafts and fashion. Over the last six months, above thirty young adults, guided by a plethora of mentors, professors, and university interns from diverse creative industries, collectively investigated how to juxtapose craft and fashion references with personal preferences. Drawing inspiration from the cultural heritage of our past, we aspired to develop the innovators of our future, through a series of knowledge and skills building workshops. The modern vocational programme enriched their curriculum for seeking employment and maximizing potentials within a desired profession. What your eyes are about to witness is an extraordinary visual experience that challenges assumptions of culture and conventions of display.

Summing up the results of the project… One highlight being the design of cross-cultural narratives: a collaborative project between Istituto Marangoni London & Partenija Zografski School Skopje & FWSK & MFA. Most Istituto Marangoni London students were not aware of the Macedonian crafts and culture before the start of the project. They thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about Macedonia, its history and its traditions; finding the architecture, pottery and embroidery most inspiring.

The students from “Partenija Zografski” realized that their traditional crafts were significant and rich in creativity. They enjoyed the combination of their traditions with modernity. How might Macedonian traditional culture and the emerging local designers benefit from cross-cultural projects? The answer is that our opportunity is to see our own culture through someone else’s eyes, to see its potential in contemporary design in numerous different ways. Being able to inspire and encourage the youth, we’ve invested in many new projects to prepare for an even stronger future.


Responsible fashion series Skopje

In 2021, we proudly hosted RFSS – our digital edition of the Responsible Fashion Series Skopje. More than 30 WB and European craft, fashion designers and artisans united for the first time in Skopje for Responsible Fashion Series Webinar, on the invitation of the Macedonian Fashion Association and Fashion Weekend Skopje. This reflection moment between professionals was not only an opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges of craft and fashion sectors in the region, but also a unique moment to reflect on the position of independent youth, artisans and designers in the future.  The Responsible Fashion Series Skopje emanates from the Fashion Colloquia collection of events, founded by four institutions: London College of Fashion, Parsons school of Fashion and Design in New York, IFM, Paris and Domus from Milan. Ian King is the thought leader behind the organisation of Fashion Colloquia events across various destinations on the planet in the last decade. What made professor Ian King choose the Balkans as his next Responsible Fashion Series Skopje destination? What is something fascinating or surprising about Balkan fashion that he has discovered? RFSS discussed and reflected on the critical theme of ‘value’ in crafts and fashion, education, careers for the youth, and, more widely, for the future of the fashion and crafts industry in the Balkans.

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Day 1 
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1. Project
Responsible future: Crafting youth empowerment

“Partenija Zografski” students (MK)

Ivana Trajkova, Enis Asipov, Jove Ilievski, Laura Bekteshovska, Miradzh Asipov, Martin Stojkovski, Kepser Hasan, Bejtula Vesel, Muhamed Aliev, Kristina Stojkovska, Durak Demirov, Ibrahim Shakirov, Jana Kacarska, Mario Stojkovski, Jovica Milanovski, Hazbija Bekteshovska, Dzhelil Useinovski, Muhamed Asipi, Mamudija Demirova, Tome Pelovski, Boshko Jankov, Dragana Mitrovikj, Ajdovan Osmanovski, Serpil Demirova, Tavita Musoska, Filip Mladenovski, Selma Mechovska, Greta Veliju, Adila Ismailovikj.

Mentors (MK)
Aneta Popova, Slobodan Stoleski, Irina Tosheva, Ljubisha Saveski, Igor Kitanovski, Anita Gaj, Jana Markovska, Katerina Trpkovska, Despina Zdravkova, Ivana Josimovska, Dana Kjoseva, Mirjana Josifoska, Valentina Kastratovikj, Dimitar Petrovski, Andrijana Petrovska.

Istituto Marangoni London (UK): Kirsten Scott, Janet Sartor, Mohsin Ali, Federica Capitani

Open Style Lab (USA): Kellehanna E’shawn, Snow Xu, Grace Jun, Pinar Guvenc, Poppy Greenfield, Varun Chandak, Christina Mallon.

Collaborators (MK)
Viktorija Volak, Jana Zlatanova, Andrijana Noveska, Blazhe Mitev, Blagoja Angelovski, Marina Trajkovska.

Authors (MK)
Gordana Vrencoska, Aneta Popova, Sara Simoska, Milan Atanasov

Videography (MK)
Viktor Stojkov

3D Animation (SI)
Gjorgji Despodov

Music Score (MK)
Bojan Filipovski – Gloomie

Graphic Design (MK, SI)
Jana Markovska, Dijana Atanasovska, Ana Mitreska, Ivana Mitreska

Photo (MK)
Andrijana Petrovska, Dimitar Petrovski

Milan Atanasov

Models (MK)
Bojana Zlatkova, Igor Nasteski

Marija Lazarova

Executive Producer (MK)
Svetlana Bogova Jovanovska

Production (MK)
Macedonian Fashion Association, Fashion Weekend Skopje in collaboration with: Musem of Macedonia.
The project is supported by Europe House Skopje and Delegation of the European Union, Skopje, E4E, Factor Trust.

2. Project
Responsible fashion series Skopje

Fashion Weekend Skopje
Supported by Professor Ian King, Prof. of Aesthetics & Management at the Istituto Marangoni

Svetlana Bogova Jovanovska

Milan Atanasov

Jana Markovska

Blagoja Angelovski

Kristina Gligorovska

Digital partner
Telecommunication operator A1

Year of production

Designer’s country of origin
Macedonia, UK

Country of brand origin
Macedonia, UK

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