Istoria, a member of Design Hotels™ by Interior Design Laboratorium; Greece

September 26, 2019|BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2019 - Winner, Greece, Hospitality, Interior|

The ISTORIA design is an unconventional combination of Mediterranean features and different architectural and design elements, which embrace the distinctive traditional architecture of Santorini Island. Having a pure boutique approach as an architectural outline,
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BroadCom Inc. HQ, Prague by Kaplan Architekti & Horalík Ateliér; Czech Republic

September 25, 2019|BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2019 - Winner, Czech Republic, Interior, Workplace|

The design of the offices deliberately disrupts the standard core - corridor - office layout. The core has been dynamically reshaped and equipped with interactive features (graffited walls, seating niches, and green walls). The
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Reconstruction and Interior Design of former Administrative Building of Kosuta Shoe Factory, Cetinje

September 23, 2019|BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2019 - Winner, Interior, Montenegro, Workplace|

The Reconstruction Design and the Interior Design for the purpose of accommodating Business Incubator and Innovation Centre was focused on the part of the building used as the administrative building of former shoe factory
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