The restaurant is located in suburbs of the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina: it is near by the frequented streets of the busy city which makes it even more popular and a loving, relaxing place for its customers.

Moreover, the restaurant has a beautiful position overlooking the hill where the city is virtually seen and has access from all sides of the town. Pristina is known to have many restaurants, however this restaurant is one of a kind that was missing for a long time. Additionally,” Xeni Imperial Restaurant” is giving the City creative place for its own residents have a favorite to go place for all the occasions. Also, even residents from other areas are always welcomed and surely will want to come back and experience the same pleasure they once did.

As far as the architecture style stands, it is beautifully combined of wood, marble and mirror. All of these components together have created a unique, fancy ambient where it gives it’s costumers a comfort and relaxing feeling.

The interior and the luxury ambient will make one feel like they are in an actual real yacht, while listening to the music they will experience the sense of the waves sound.








Authors: Lion Morina
Client: Korab Jetishi
Photos: Atdhe Mulla

Year of completion: 2019
Location: Pristina, Republic of Kosovo
Total area: 155.3 m2

Text provided by the authors of the project.