Istoria, a member of Design Hotels™ by Interior Design Laboratorium; Greece

The ISTORIA design is an unconventional combination of Mediterranean features and different architectural and design elements, which embrace the distinctive traditional architecture of Santorini Island. Having a pure boutique approach as an architectural outline, every suite is distinctive while emitting a sense of refined simplicity.

The design study encountered architectural idiosyncrasies in the existing building body that called for a particular approach since the former residence had to be remodeled from scratch so as to accommodate 12 suites.

The project’s architecture is entirely inspired by the traditional architecture of Santorini Island. The dominating elements are the traditional arched door and window openings interrupting the thick structural walls, similar to those one comes across at the old residences on the island. The building forms a well-conceptualized sculpture, which guides the visitor through a succession of spaces enhancing the residential experience.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?

The fundamental design idea of ISTORIA stems from the building itself and the stories of the people who have resided in it throughout the years. A deserted private residence neighboring a deep blue patch of the Aegean Sea is transformed to a boutique hotel for travelers with eclectic taste, inspired by luminous images and Mediterranean locations. The premises included 5 stables where the former owner used to keep her beloved horses. This long forgotten story became the spark of inspiration for a collection of different ideas and images, gathered from around the world in order to form a new residential experience.

About the authors

INTERIOR DESIGN LABORATORIUM is a boutique interior design firm founded by Stamos Hondrodimos in 2009. The creative base of the company is located in the center of Athens and is made up of a team of highly qualified partners, such as interior architects, architect engineers, lighting and graphic designers.

INTERIOR DESIGN LABORATORIUM believes in the uniqueness of each project, as if it’s a dream, as a new story to be told, each time distinct just as each customer, each space and each building. The design serves and creates balanced spaces whilst having as a start the philosophy of studied simplicity, adding details of character and finesse. In the simplicity of the result, one can always sense a quiet luxury emanating from the flawless functional design and the excellent quality of materials. The common denominator of all projects is the careful, holistic design and the attention to detail. Natural materials that integrating from the surrounding landscape and references to tradition, combined with authentic design elements, are intended to approach a design practice whose purpose is to highlight authenticity through a high-end result.

Text provided by the authors of the project.


Interior Design Laboratorium

Kanava S.A.

Year of completion

Santorini, Greece

Giorgos Sfakianakis

Project Partners

OK Atelier s.r.o., MALANG s.r.o.

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