Nomi coffee & etc. is a concept coffee and cocktail shop and is very unique. It is situated in a seaside city in the south of Albania. It’s a set of fragrances and feelings. As it`s located near of the port of the city, the first mood was inspired by nature. But fascinated from the sunset, the colors of the sun will be cooper and the blue will become deeper so you can confuse it, if it’s the sea or a blue sky night.

The heart of this interior is the ceiling lighting installation with more than 40 custom-made cooper fans. The fans are installed in different distance from the ceiling so they look like they are moving even when they are switch off. The counter bar its one-piece metal custom-made in a cooper look and in the back of it, there is the Blue wooden library that collects the bottles, books, magazine, newspapers and other collectible items. The floor is an oak plywood in a maxi format.









About the authors

Stile interior-architecture studio is founded in 2010 by the architect Simone Mazzetto and Besjana Seraj with ability and desire to work parallel with many projects of different scale. Each project is tailored to the specific story of the investor and responsive to its place and context.


Authors: Stile interior architecture
Photos: Pixel studio

Year of completion: 2019
Location: Vlorë, Albania
Total area: 70 m2

Text provided by the authors of the project.