For the mobile phone service provider Red Bull MOBILE, Zirup designed the first Red Bull MOBILE Shops worldwide. The reduced design puts a distinct focus on the mobile devices, mobile phone accessories and merchandise articles on display. A central requirement was the usability of the locations as multi-use areas beyond the function as a point-of-sale.

The exterior walls of the shops are a framework of rectangularly perforated sheet metal. The structure functions as a filter between the inside and outside of the shop and – combined with the lighting – creates intriguing views and perspectives.



Zirup developed a catalogue of modular tailor-made elements for the Red Bull MOBILE Shops that are recurringly applicable and specifically selected for each location. The centerpiece of every shop is the MOBILE-Counter that is used for the registration of new customers and as the cash desk.

As part of the rollout for the Red Bull MOBILE Shops Zirup also designed POS-Tools for over 50 further sales locations. These autarkic all-rounders follow the concept and design of the MOBILE Shops – but condensed and compressed into a single stand-alone piece of furniture.





Authors: Zirup
Client: Red Bull MOBILE
Photos: Anna Niederleitner

Year of completion: 2018
Location: Austria

Text provided by the authors of the project.