JT3 APARTMENT by Maja Stamenković; Slovenia

The Bourgeois Apartment project overlooking Ljubljanica River and Plečnik’s Šuštarski Bridge restores the original building through the recovery and preservation of its latent historical and architectural details. New intervention and whiteness of the space complement it in a subtle way. The wall at the entrance was replaced by a long lamella as a shoe cabinet, which in an abstract way represent components of demolished wall. This colourful lamella fragments, as a contrast to whiteness, takes visitor into central area, and despite selection of presumably cold materials, metal and concrete, it gives the apartment pleasant sense of warmth and homeliness. Ceiling height of 3,60m allowed gallery, to be placed during the renovation, with standing height bedroom above and slide-out wardrobe cabinets below. The apartment, regardless of its small space area, successfully combines aesthetics and functionality. White with some colour, revealed historical details and art pieces curated by Ravnikar Gallery form necessary perspective to emphasize the value of these unique characteristics.


Maja Stamenković

Year of completion

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Total area
38,8 m2

Marijo Zupanov

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