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May 19, 2023
L56, Litostrojska 56


Architecture has reached a turning point when change is needed more than ever. Architects are still looking back to ideas from the past, searching for pre-existing contexts and drawing conceptual inspiration from those ideas. In contrast, the world we live in and our spatial needs are forcing us to change our perspective completely and move towards a different, more sustainable and more collective approach in building, otherwise we run the risk of finding ourselves on the verge of a catastrophic future. This conference is therefore looking for architectural answers that seek to address the situation rather than further worsen the world’s ecological, spatial and, last but not least, housing crisis. The latter is the result of unfortunate shifts in the economy, urban planning and space identity, and the individual. Not only is the housing crisis visible in ecology but also in social space and gentrification. Architects shall therefore explore a collective way of living, which would also prevent the destruction of green space and scattered construction and provide opportunities for revitalising degraded spaces in cities, while at the same time enabling a larger part of the population to live cheaper and have a higher quality of living. As Rem Koolhaas says: »I am incredibly bad at predicting the future; I am only smart enough to observe the present and listen to my intuition about tendencies«. Past contexts should thus become a mere platform for renovation, revitalization and reflection on the future. It is only in this way that architects will also achieve sustainable systemic changes which will define architecture as a social and public concept.

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