Miha Macek Gašper Demšar: Funtkova Small Tower

Demšar arhitekti, Slovenia

The core of the office is the architects Gašper Demšar and Miha Maček, and colleagues tied to individual projects. Despite her venerable age, but with a cheerful spirit, the architect Maja Tasič Demšar also occasionally joins us. What does architecture mean to us? It means our way of life and thinking, in which we realize our visions both through the creation of real environments and through the virtual environments of experimental projects. The challenge of spatial interventions and creative attractions is creation for us and our users and clients intelligent spaces and buildings, well placed in the surroundings, pleasant for users, functionally perfect, design attractive and sustainable. We are interested in the person, the user. We know how to listen well, which is very important in the constant search for better, better quality both in architecture and interior design, as well as often in product design. We want to enjoy our work and we do, but at the same time we fight (even with windmills) for professional and artistic ideals.